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About Us...

Remember when we were kids? Remember when we used to play with such enjoyment and freedom? Remember feeling enthusiastic and challenged?

This is what we implement into the workplace.

Who are we?

We are PlayWork - a consulting & training company which believes that work has to be meaningful, engaging and customized to every employee needs.


What are we doing?

We Improve Engagement, Innovation & organizational KPI’s  by designing meaningful & engaging Employee & Work Experiences.

In our work, we nurture your organization’s work environment by embedding Play elements & tools of Behavioral Design into the CORE work process.

Why use Play?

Because Play can change the world! Play is one of the most powerful & meaningful forces in life - it shaped most of our personality and helped us develop our physical, cognitive, emotional and social aspects.

Play is a space of vast possibilities that can bring innovative thinking, solve complex challenges, build meaningful relationships and help us experience ourselves & the world a in a whole different way.

        Happy to meet you...

Benny Faibish - founder of PlayWork and head of the Game Design & Development program at Mentor College. Benny has vast experience in organizational & business development, leading processes and expanding the scope of companies, organizations and NGO's.


Rotem Palgi - Associate at PlayWork.

Has over 10 years of experience as VP HR.

Expert in consulting, organizational development, and  HR development.

  Why work with us?

  • We have over 15 years of experience working with companies, organizations and NGOs.

  • Our team includes professional experts, all immersed in Play & Behavioral design.

  • Less talking, more doing – all our processes are Hands-On and include experiential learning and training.

  • Holistic approach & Long lasting effects

  • We use the most innovative tools

  • All processes are tailored to your organization’s needs.

  • Because it's fun!


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